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Rates & Info...

All studio rates include a qualified engineer

Regular Studio Rates

Tracking/Mixing :$60/hr

Special Block Rates

8 Hours Tracking/Mixing: $440 (55/hr)
16 Hours Tracking/Mixing: $800 (50/hr)

Regular mastering Rates

Mastering/Editing: $60.00/hr

Live Recording At Your Location

Live Recording: $60/hr plus $50 Trip Fee

DJ Music Services

Music for Parties & Special Events: $500

Production & Composition

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CD duplication - replication

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The Small Print

We have a 1hr ($60) minimum for all bookings. The deposit for 1 hour ($60) is required at the time of booking. If notice of cancelation is not given within 24 hours of your booked session, half of the deposit is lost and the remaining $30 can be put towards a rescheduled session or returned to you.

We will not release any reference material (CD's, MP3's or other) until any outstanding studio balance is paid in full.

In order to receive block rate pricing, the full block rate payment must be made in full in advance of booking.

What can you expect to pay for a full length, retail-ready project?

There is a tremendous amount of room for extra hours to creep into a project. As the artist you should be aware of the pitfalls and be prepared to address them as timely as possible.

Assuming you have a high level of preparation (songs fully written and arranged, well rehearsed, and a realistic schedule, etc), an average full fledged CD of 12-14 songs with a total playing length of 50 minutes that's ready for retail distribution may take upwards of 65-125 hours of studio time for tracking and mixing. Photography, if necessary for any graphic work can be a few more hours. An average full color duplication run of 1000 CD's can be an additional $1100-$1600 depending on the number of pages in the insert and assuming normal packaging options.

Our goal is a $3.00-$4.00 unit cost for the client. This should allow them to recoup their investment by selling 500 units of a 1000 unit CD order at $10-$12 each. Be realistic, if you don't think you have the distribution plan to sell 500-600 CD's, then you may want to reconsider why you are spending your hard earned money to create a CD in the first place. (See "What You Need To Know")

What's My Budget?

A successful CD project starts with one key ingredient, knowing and understanding your budget. Nearly any project can be completed on nearly any budget. The only variable is the quality of the end product. If your budget is limited, then you may have to accept limitations like only allowing a few takes, no vocal pitch correction or comping tracks, no waveform editing and restricted time constraints for mixing. It is important that both the artist and the studio find a common ground between what the client is able to spend, and what the expectations are for the end product.

Can't You Just Quote My Entire Project?

Unlike many industries, short of any special package offers, it is very rare to find a studio that will quote a project and hold that number. Why is that? It is nearly impossible for a studio to know all the variables that will impact a project. Will band "XYZ" show up on time? Will they be prepared? Are they competent musicians? Can they really sing in pitch? Are they going to make me do five different mixes of a song so they can compare and then pick one? Are their songs really completed or will they start re-arranging in the studio? Will the bass players rig be fraught with buzzes and hums? Recording is not unlike painting a picture, it's very easy to "never be done", you can keep throwing paint on, layer after layer. Using an hourly rate helps everybody to focus and use the time they have as efficiently as possible.

We can help you determine your budget and your outlay plan. If you're not successful and happy, then we've failed our primary job. It is important for us that you succeed, we look forward to working on several CD projects with you, so it is in our best interest to assist your directive needs.

Session Musicians

Studio musicians are currently compensated at $50.00 per song or $35 per hour for larger projects. All session players may not be available all the time, so we suggest advising us of your needs at the projects inception so that scheduling can be pre-arranged. Rainmaker Studios does not mark up or take a profit from session player earnings. The amount you are billed for session players is paid in full (100%) to the musician.

We welcome any musicians you may wish to bring in to help with your project.