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Rainmaker Studios

Rainmaker Studios was started by Brook Floyd (engineer bio) and opened its doors to the public in 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona. For years leading up to 1997, the studio was setup for private use only. There was no initial intention of ever opening the studio up for public use. However, as word spread throughout the local community, more and more musicians expressed interest in obtaining the type of quality that the studios' work provided. Little by little, and on a select basis, these outside projects were added to the studio's workload.


By 1997, the resulting feedback from these projects was creating such a positive buzz and demand for recording, that a decision had to be made. Either continue turning people away or open the doors publicly for everyone. Of course, with an intense love and passion for music, they went with the latter decision. From that point on, the studio continued to build upon its quality reputation and serviced clients from all over the state of Arizona.


In 2002, due to family and lifestyle decisions, it was decided that a move to Pasco, WA was in order. This was a large move for the studio. Like most businesses, a move of that distance means they'll need to start fresh and gain a whole new clientele in the new area they're moving to. Rainmaker Studios was no exception. An entirely new network, client base and relationships would need to be established in Washington state.


A new studio was built in Pasco, Washington and doors opened to the public in January 2002. Business grew steadily as local musicians and artists discovered the quality work provided by the studio. By 2005, business had grown to such a point that an expansion was planned for the facility to better accommodate larger projects. New locations were scouted and a new home in Kennewick, Washington was purchased with a new studio constructed from the ground up in its lower level. From this new location, and with the help of the studio's great reputation, its reach continued to grow further out from its local roots, garnering national and eventually international success.


Over the years, Brook Floyd had worked on many projects with Chase Manhattan, a nationally award-winning singer-songwriter from the band, Goodnight Argent. They had talked about someday building a recording studio, video soundstage and live venue to bring together, into one company, the ability to provide any and all services an artist and/or band would need to suceed in todays music market. Today, Rainmaker Studios has built both a new, even larger Recording Studio A in Pasco, Washington, as well as The Scralett Room, a stand-alone indoor/outdoor video soundstage, live venue with state of the art sound system and lighting and an additional Recording Studio B.


Under this new partnership, Rainmaker Studios and The Scarlett Room are able to provide everything from song-writing, production, recording, mixing, mastering, music videos, photography, live shows, etc. to artists and bands anywhere in the United States. With Grammy nominated works, international song-writing awards, major label projects and international radio play, we are prepared and more ready than ever to help you take your project to the next level.


From humble beginnings in a bedroom studio with just a small handful of equipment to the fully-equipped, world-class, multi Grammy nominated facility that it maintains today, Rainmaker Studios is proud to continue its service to all of the wonderful clients who have made everything possible.